Anticipating the first day at a new school can be a lot of things- nerve-wracking, exciting, stomach-churning, refreshing, energizing, and more. But for CAN student Mohamed? It’s excitement all around!

Mohamed recently graduated from Chief Sealth International High School and will soon begin his college journey at South Seattle College! He is an aspiring actor who is excited to have the “opportunity to continue learning and growing” while in college. Continue reading to find out more about Mohamed’s journey…


Mohamed was introduced to CAN his junior year of high school. His senior friend told him, “CAN really helped me, so you should enroll so they can help you too” and he took his advice and signed up!

Left to right: Mohamed at Financial Aid Completion Event, Mohamed at Seattle University Campus Visit, Mohamed with AmeriCorps College Coach Ruby.​

Mohamed built lasting relationships with both of his AmeriCorps College Coaches, Sidney and Ruby. His most memorable moment with his 11th Grade AmeriCorps College Coach, Sidney, is when he threw an ice cream party for their entire cohort. His most memorable moment with Ruby, his 12th Grade AmeriCorps College Coach, is when he had the opportunity to be a student ambassador at Spring Forward, CAN’s annual fundraising event. He treasures a photo he took with Ruby and framed it in his house to remember that she helped him throughout his senior year to apply for colleges and financial aid.

Mohamed at 2018 Spring Forward Annual Fundraiser.


Mohamed received empowering support from his coaches, which drives him to pursue an acting career. When he was 10 years old, he immigrated to the US, and watched the play Romeo & Juliet for the first time. The rest is history. From that day forward, he knew he wanted to perform on a stage and eventually move into films. When asked why he wants to pursue acting, his eyes lit up and he said, “the FEELING that comes when you take on a role and make it come to life.”

Mohamed has participated in plays and dances while in school (see below for a video of a performance). This year, Mohamed has also been a part of the Seattle Theatre Group (STG) Young Ambassadors program that is “a group of 10-15 artistic individuals who get a behind-the-scenes experience at STG in preparation for careers in the arts.”

This summer he participated in an intensive theatre summer camp called BAYFEST which helps youth “build performance skills, creative thinking, self-awareness, and social responsibility.” The program circled around the play Romeo & Juliet- which Mohamed was ecstatic about!

Mohamed performing at Chief Sealth's Cinco de Mayo celebration.


Going to college has always been a part of Mohamed’s plan and he credits his parents as strong advocates of continuing education. This fall, Mohamed will pursue his Associates Degree at South Seattle College with plans to transfer to the University of Washington and major in their great theater program!

When asked if high school would be different if he hadn’t had CAN, Mohamed said yes. “If CAN wasn’t here for my senior year, I would have had a difficult time applying for financial aid and colleges.”

The most important lessons that Mohamed learned in CAN and he will take with him as he continues his education?

“Work hard, don’t give up, and ask for help!”


His advice for 11th grade students at Chief Sealth?

"Join CAN!! They are going to help you with SAT prep and show you what you need to help you move forward to college and further."

Mohamed alongside his CAN cohort at 2018 CANmemorate- our annual event celebrating our graduating 12th graders!



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