At College Access Now, our students are incredible and Lena is no exception.

The youngest of 5 siblings, CAN student Lena has lived in the same household in Renton her whole life and has experienced all of her siblings before her moving out and moving forward.  Now it's her turn to truly focus on a future beyond the more comfortable boundaries of home as she begins her senior year at Lindbergh High School.


She hopes to be the first in her family to attend college!

“Lena is a true student Superstar!”  says her CAN AmeriCorps College Coach, Kenton.  In addition to studying hard and pursuing  her college bound future, Lena is embracing this important time of life with an amazing array of interests and hobbies.  Right now that "short list"  includes volleyball, softball, gymnastics, horseback riding, writing, singing and photography.  She also works several hours each week to help her family with their bakery business, and of course is now focused on APPLYING TO COLLEGES! 

Lena herself says that although she loves having so many interests,  she is still a bit of an introvert – but that doesn’t stop her sense of determination or "grit" from shining through, in fact it only serves to motivate her more!  


When looking to her future, Lena visualizes herself in college because her work with CAN has helped her see that a continuing education in itself is “a form of success.”  While still finalizing her specific school and study focus options, she knows that having her College Access Now college coach to provide on-going support will make things “a lot easier.”  Lena hopes to build a career focused on music as art and music have been a part of her family for her whole life (her sister paints, her grandmother does art, and her family used to own a pottery shop). Lena has been in choir for 7 years and hopes to learn more about the intricacies of music, rather than just singing it!


When Lena thinks about what she loves most about being a part of the CAN  family is how “accepting and open the CAN community is.”  While Lena is just starting out her senior year in high school, we cant wait to be right by her side to see where her boundless grit takes her education, career and future.

We've got a feeling the word “superstar” is just the start!



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